DICE - Recasting the disproportionate impacts of climate change extremes

Published on by Murray Scown
DICE focuses on conceptualizing, measuring and governing Loss and Damage (L&D) from climate change, including economic and non-economic forms of impact. The project explores the following research questions: Concepts: How is L&D conceptualized? What does a global framework for L&D look like? Measurement: Who is affected by loss and damage, how and why? Where are people affected and at what scale? Governance: What are the connections between L&D governance and adaptation governance? How effective are L&D governance mechanisms and can they be scaled up? ------------------ DICE has three main objectives. 1) Expand Knowledge and Conceptual Understanding of L&D: Expand knowledge of climate governance by advancing conceptual understandings of L&D, specifically on the disproportionate impacts on people: who it affects, how and why and at what scale. 2) Methodological Innovation: Explore methodogical innovation in planning processes for sustainable climate transitions. 3) Build Capacity and Advance Climate Governance: Build capacity for the climate change community to engage with research on L&D and transformational challenges, specifically by delivering insights into the potential governance instruments for national engagement and how it differs from adaptation

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Formas Grant FR-2018/0010 ‘Recasting the Disproportionate Impact of Climate Extremes (DICE)’