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A virtual water network of the roman world trade model

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posted on 16.07.2020, 15:07 by B. (Brian) DermodyB. (Brian) Dermody
A grain trade model of the Roman world

The folder Grain_Trade_Model contains two versions of our trade model in Netlogo and Matlab software packages. This model receives its yield data from calculations made in PCR-GLOBWB. The demand data is based on population maps from HYDE 3.1. These raster data are summed within Theisen polygons and the summed values are assigned to the nodes in the trade model. Further details can be found in the text and in Dermody et al. 2014.

To use, download unzip the folder to your local machine. Ensure that all data stay within the current folder structure.

To run the netlogo package, simply hit Setup and then Go. You may adjust the year of the simulation, the demand gradient and the diffusion gradient. The associated code can be viewed and modified under the code tab.

To run the Matlab package, open the script shortest_trade_route_algorithm.m Run the script. The script itself contains comments to explain in more detail how it works.


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