Student Manual Replication Assignment EdPsy 2018-2019.pdf (893.44 kB)

Student Manual Replication Assignment EdPsy 2018-2019.pdf

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posted on 30.01.2019, 11:35 by Mario de Jonge
Replication research assignment for the Course Education Psychology 2018-2019 (Department of Education, Social Sciences) at Utrecht University. For the replication assignment, groups of three students each were assigned one of fourteen studies from the published record. The fourteen studies were selected by the teachers/supervisors before the start of the course assignment. Studies were all in the field of Educational Psychology and selected based on suitability for a small replication project. For this assignment, students worked on a replication project for eight weeks. The assignment included writing a short (AsPredicted-style) research proposal, designing a replication experiment, collecting data among fellow students, writing a short research report, and giving a short presentation about the project.

This file includes the student manual for the replication research assignment