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In- and output transect 1

posted on 2021-08-19, 18:25 authored by J.M. (Janneke) KrabbendamJ.M. (Janneke) Krabbendam
Model in- and output for transect 1. Further details regarding methodology can be found in the paper and its supplementary materials.

bathymetry_loc1.nc =1999 and 2012 bathymetries from Hydrographic Office of Royal Dutch Navy and grid along transect 1; vertical reference level is LAT;
ZUNO_loc1.nc = ZUNO hydrodynamic output: U- and V-components of depth averaged velocity and water levels along transect 1;

Morfo_output_loc1.nc = modelled bed levels along transect 1, for different values of f and alpha_bs. For those only the modelled bed level for 2012 is stored. The best bed level (f=0.45, alpha_bs=5.5) is stored as a function of space and time. This also includes the forecast for 2024 with the calibrated model;
FoT_output_loc1.nc = modelled bed load (total, slope and advective parts) and suspended transports as a function of space and time in the area of interest.